Registration of ASERL Scholars Trust Retention Commitments in WorldCat

ASERL Scholars Trust libraries have committed to maintain Local Holdings Records (LHRs) for the print journal titles they have committed to retain.  At minimum, the LHR will contain a single 583 $a action note, “committed to retain”.  Additional 583 action notes may be included as appropriate (e.g., “completeness reviewed”, “condition reviewed”).

Below are links to best practices, webinars and other guidance to facilitate the registration of Scholars Trust titles. Our goal is for ASERL Scholars Trust libraries to submit their data for committed titles by October 31, 2021 and the registration process completed by January 2022.


Available to all full cataloging subscribers, the registration service streamlines the process of registering shared print retention commitments.  Your library can choose to register your commitments yourself, or you can designate an agent (the Center for Research Libraries, CRL) to register on your behalf.

Q&A Session with Amy Wood, CRL – Using an Agent to Register Your Shared Print Retention Commitments, Wednesday, September 8, 2021
Recording | Presenter Slides

ASERL Scholars Trust Workflows for Shared Print Registration

Collection Profile template (partially completed)


Rosemont Shared Print Alliance colleagues from the Eastern Academic Scholars’ Trust (EAST) and the Western Regional Storage Trust (WEST), in cooperation with the Partnership for Shared Book Collections, have been working closely with OCLC and the Center for Research Libraries (CRL) to record retention commitments for their participating libraries.  These communities presented two in-depth webinars on the topic.

Registering Shared Print Commitments in OCLC
Presenter slides:  CSV Method | MARC Method

In this recording, colleagues share ideas for self-registering shared print retention commitments, including monographs, multipart monographs, and serials.

It includes a very helpful side-by-side comparison of the two file processing options and why one may be more preferable for your situation (the linked text begins at this discussion in the recording).
There is also a detailed description of the match/merge logic used for updating existing records in OCLC, see the CSV Method presenter slides, slide 20.

Working with Shared Print Commitments in OCLC
Presenter slides

This program provides information on working with your registered Shared Print commitments in OCLC services, including maintenance and discovery.


Please see the Rosemont Shared Print Alliance Best Practices:
Condition Review

Scholars Trust Examples.  Please note:  Bolded fields contain prescribed text.

A “Committed to Retain” 583:
583 1# $a committed to retain $c 20120123 $d 20351231 $f Scholars Trust $u

A “Completeness Reviewed” 583:
583 1# $3 v.1(1949)-v.32(1981), v.34(1983)-v.44(1993) $a completeness reviewed $c 20120123 $f Scholars Trust $i volume-level $j Library Service Center $l missing volumes $z missing v.33(1982) $5 NcU

For more information about this topic, please contact Cheryle Cole-Bennett