Policy to Address Lost/Missing Titles Committed for Retention

  • The library notifies their shared print program staff member of the lost/missing material.
  • The library updates or removes the holding statement for this title from the Journal Retention and Needs Listing database [JRNL].
    • If a partial loss, the holding statement is edited.
    • If the entire run is lost, the entire holding statement is removed.
  • The print archive program staff distributes a notice through the Scholars Trust listserv notifying program participants of the loss.
  • As per the ASERL Scholars Trust Retention Model, to ensure continued access to retained materials, staff will attempt to obtain a replacement copy for titles with fewer than 3 copies retained within the Rosemont Shared Print Alliance.
  • The library’s holdings will be updated in the PAPR Registry with the next quarterly JRNL export.