Kudzu Resource Sharing Program Policies and Processes

Revised Spring 2015

  1. Kudzu libraries participate in the ASERL ILL Reciprocal Agreement of 1993. The following agreement expands and, in some cases, replaces parts of the ASERL ILL Agreement. These processes will be reviewed periodically to ensure they remain up-to-date.
  2. When a Kudzu library needs to obtain an item through interlibrary loan, they may use other Kudzu libraries as ‘lenders of first resort’ except where local arrangements dictate otherwise. All Kudzu members will include ‘KUDZU’ in the affiliation field of the request form.
  3. Requests from Kudzu libraries receive priority in processing, including answering “No” as quickly as possible. The members of this group will utilize OCLC’s “Reasons for No” and other mutually-agreeable processes that will facilitate communication and tracking of requests between libraries. Kudzu libraries will ensure information about their library remains current and accurate in the OCLC Policies Directory and Constant Data, including email addresses, shipping addresses, and supplier status.
  4. Requests from Kudzu libraries should be processed and sent within 24 hours of receipt. Nonreturnables should be shipped via an electronic document transmission system (e.g., Odyssey or Article Exchange). When electronic delivery is not possible, use of an expedited delivery service is required. It is understood that delivery of items from branch libraries or remote storage facilities may take longer to process, and that these timeframes do not include weekends, holidays, or temporary extenuating circumstances that may exist at the supplying library.
  5. It is understood that not everything is available for loan, and the rules on what is and is not available will vary from institution to institution. Kudzu libraries will give consideration to every loan request from another Kudzu library, including requests for recently published materials, bound journals, and materials in non-printed formats such as microform or audio-visual materials.
  6. When loaning special or valuable materials, lending libraries may place restrictions on usage, such as in-library use only, additional insurance requirements, or other lending instructions. The borrower should be alerted to any such conditions prior to the item being loaned/shipped.
  7. The standard loan period between Kudzu members will be a minimum of 6 weeks with a 2 week renewal. The lending library may exercise discretion on the application of this minimum loan period on a case by case basis (e.g. loaning audiovisual items for 1 week rather than 6 weeks). If renewals are not permitted on an item, that requirement must be clearly noted and attached to the item when shipped to the borrower.
  8. The borrowing library is responsible for any returnable material from the time it is shipped to the borrower until it is returned to the lender. If damage or loss occurs, the lender may request replacement or compensation and/or processing charges. There will be no other library-to-library fees associated with this agreement, including overdue fines.
  9. The standard method for returning an item to the lending library will be USPS book rate. All materials lent through this agreement are subject to recall by the lender and should be returned as soon as possible. All recalls and overdue materials will be sent to the lending library via expedited delivery as soon as possible.
  10. Any overdue notices should be sent promptly to the borrowing library.