Supporting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in our Libraries

ASERL and its member libraries have long supported just and equitable access to information resources, and strive to build collections, services, and staffs that reflect the diverse nature of the communities we serve.  In May 2018, ASERL members unanimously approved a Values Statement on Diversity and Inclusion.  

As part of that statement, ASERL members strive to:

  1. Understand and communicate the principles of diversity and inclusion in order to attract, retain, and grow the skills of employees from a variety of populations;
  2. Set achievable and measurable goals, and regularly monitor and assess progress towards those goals;
  3. Seek constructive input from employees at all levels of our organizations to ensure programming is relevant and useful;
  4. Allocate resources to ensure programming is successful and sustainable;
  5. Build library collections that reflect the diversity of the communities we serve;
  6. Maintain transparency regarding our successes and challenges over time;
  7. Acknowledge impact of past and present actions.

 ASERL DEI Committee Members:

Current Initiatives

  • NEWS: ASERL and BTAA launch Library Accessibility Partnership. See the announcement.
  • ASERL has hosted several DEI related webinars.  Current listings are available on our home page and previous webinars which include the recordings and slides are available on our ASERL archive page.
  • ASERL has recruited ASERL members for our ASERL DEI Taskforce.  The ASERL DEI Taskforce will focus on recruitment and retention trends along with creating an environmental scan of the ASERL member libraries. The ASERL DEI Taskforce also hosts several DEI related webinars and will work on some regional trainings that will take place in 2022.
  • For more information including current roster, timeline and outcomes, visit ASERL DEI Taskforce Libguide