ASERL 2015 Annual Meeting & Spring Membership Meeting

ASERL 2015 Annual Meeting — Full Agenda

* Annual Financial Report
* Board Elections
* Discussion – Draft Changes to ASERL Membership Criteria

ASERL Spring 2015 Membership Meeting

Presentation / Discussion: “Copyright Challenges & Other Issues Facing Research Libraries – A President’s Perspective” President Mark Becker, Georgia State University. Introduction by Tammy Sugarman.
See also:  Ithaka Report:  “Building a Pathway to Student Success at Georgia State University

Discussion Tables: Open-Ended Conversations with Colleagues about Emerging Topics in ASERL Libraries
1.  Strategies for deaccessioning paper collections:  How not to pull a dumpster up to the back of the library
2. Strategic Planning in a state of change
3. Library Friends groups versus social media: How to reach out to the next generation of givers?
4. Student Affairs units as tenants in the library: Partners or Competitors?
5. Shared ILS -– Current Status, Possible Next Steps
6. Others from the floor?

Presentation / Discussion: “What is the ‘New Normal’ for Library Security? How can ASERL Libraries Learn from Each Other?” Julia Zimmerman (Florida State Univ), Bonnie MacEwan (Auburn)

Panel Presentation / Discussion: “Inter-Relationships Between ASERL Libraries and University Presses – What Works, What Challenges?” Toby Graham (U-Georgia), Deborah Jakubs (Duke), Steve Smith (U-Tennessee), John Zenelis (George Mason)

Late Breaking News, Project Announcements, etc.
•  Committee chairs – help needed!
•  Journal Retention & Gov-Doc retention
•  “Deeply Rooted” digital collection
•  Kudzu Courier contract
•  Shared ILS exploration
•  Others from the floor?

Meeting Wrap-Up / Questions & Answers / Adjourn
   Fall 2015 Membership Meeting = November 19-20, 2015, New Orleans