2010 Strategic Plan, Mission and Vision

Mission Statement
Revised Spring 2010
By sharing information and technology resources, expertise, and innovation, the Association of Southeastern Research Libraries (ASERL) advances the educational and research success of students and faculty at member institutions. ASERL members believe our libraries and institutions are better able to fulfill our individual missions through collaborative programs, and the benefits of collaborative action can be greater than those provided by the same institutions acting independently. We believe that there is strength in unity and that unity can accommodate institutional characteristics. We understand our goals can only be achieved through our contributions to ASERL’s initiatives, momentum, and spirit.

Vision Statement
Revised Spring 2010
ASERL fosters library excellence by providing an environment of mutual trust and respect. This enables our members to develop innovative partnerships, exchange information about best practices and emerging issues, and improve services to the students, faculty, and communities they serve. ASERL supports librarianship within the research enterprise through the identification and promotion of new leadership.

2010 – 2013 Strategic Plan
ASERL libraries operate in an environment characterized by rapid change, opportunity, and challenge, including ever-greater demands for student and faculty success, cost efficiency and effectiveness, and anytime-anywhere access to content and services. ASERL members find there are two primary roles by which ASERL can benefit its members:

  • Educational – to keep members up-to-date on emerging trends and issues, and lead discussions amongst members regarding possible collaborative responses.
  • Programmatic – to provide programs and services that meet common operational needs.

Priority areas and activities
To support common needs among member libraries, the Association will:

  1. Enable deep, innovative, strategic partnerships amongst members and other organizations that yield great value to ASERL members;
  2. Leverage our combined strengths to establish programs and services that meet common needs while reducing duplication of effort, individual risk, and overhead costs, including expanded resource sharing services, educational opportunities for librarians, paraprofessionals, library directors, and others; connecting strong, cohesive, and well-developed print and electronic collections; and sharing data about library operations, goals, and activities.
  3. Continue to provide opportunities for members to share expertise and learn about emerging issues, innovations, and trends
  4. Selectively support research on librarianship, operations, and trends, including model programs that can be adapted to the circumstances of individual members as well as to ASERL as a whole;
  5. Create additional opportunities to identify and promote new leadership and diversity;
  6. Ensure ASERL’s ongoing organizational strength and member satisfaction.