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Worldcrunch, Why Local Is Global: International News For Your Community!

Feb 2, 2023


Join Jeff Israely, Founder and Editor of, and Darrell W. Gunter, EVP, CCO of Worldcrunch as they present a fireside chat about Worldcrunch’s local culture international news service and how it will benefit your community.

Worldcrunch was not founded to promote any one cause or political ideology. But there are certain values (journalistic and otherwise) that we strongly adhere to:
We are convinced that exploring the world helps challenge our own preconceptions — and a wide range of perspectives makes us both smarter and more humble.
We trust facts and science.
We believe journalism has a duty to defend universal human rights, tolerance and freedom of expression.
We believe in the power of a good story, well told.
We think there is almost always value in keeping the conversation open, but know where to draw the line.

We will make mistakes and do our best to learn from them.
We trust the intelligence of our readers.
We are building something to last.
We believe that after this webinar, you will realize the importance of international news from a local culture perspective.

Bios (Panelists):

Jeff Israely is the Founder and Editor of Worldcrunch. Worldcrunch, founded in 2013, is an international news service of articles from the top international newspapers and correspondents that file their stories in their native language, and Worldcrunch translates them into English. Before establishing Worldcrunch, Jeff was an international correspondent for Time Magazine in Paris, France before that, he was a reporter for Associated Press (AP).

Darrell Gunter is an experienced digital publishing executive, has been at the forefront of significant information industry initiatives, i.e., Factiva, ScienceDirect, Scopus, BiomedExperts.com, Underline, and Ripeta. Gunter Media Group, Inc. has advised many CEOs from startups to the very most prominent publishers
in his consulting practice. Now as the EVP / Chief Commercial Officer for Worldcrunch, Darrell’s mission to launch Worldcunch to the global community.