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Why Do I Stay? — The DEI Perspective

Nov 1, 2023

“Hopefulness and cautious optimism You are not alone..BIPOC librarians struggle to stay in the profession..it’s normal. ”

As a follow up to popular series “Why I Left the Profession –DEI Perspective” — “Why Do I Stay –The DEI Perspective” series is taking a closer look at resiliency and optimism in the face of many obstacles and challenges. This series was inspired by the wonderful Kenya Flash who passed away last year after a short illness.

Twanna Hodge is a second-year Ph.D. student in the College of Information Studies at the University of Maryland, College Park. Her research includes the mental health literacy and mental health information behavior and needs of BIPOC Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museum (GLAM) employees, LIS students, and Afro-Caribbean immigrants. She was an academic librarian for over seven years, now transitioning to become an LIS professor.

Beverly Murphy (she/her) is Assistant Director, Communications and Web Content Management at the Duke University Medical Center Library & Archives. She is also the Hospital Nursing Liaison for the Duke Health System and Liaison for the Watts College of Nursing. As a librarian for 42 years and a Distinguished member of the Academy of Health Information Professionals, Beverly has served in several capacities for the Medical Library Association (MLA) including the first African American President and recipient of the Marcia C. Noyes Award, MLA’s highest professional distinction. She is an MLA Fellow, former editor of the MLA News, and a member of the Journal of the Medical Library Association Editorial Board. Beverly is co-editor of Diversity and Inclusion in Libraries: A Call to Action and Strategies for Success published in 2019 and is co-editing a second book planned for publication in 2023.

April M. Hathcock is the Director of Scholarly Communications and Information Policy and Faculty Affairs Coordinator at New York University Libraries. 

Facilitator: Elaina Norlin (ASERL)