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Unpacking Peace of Mind: A Librarian’s Guide to Calming Relocation Jitters

Feb 1, 2024



You work hard from 9 to 5. Does where you live from 5 to 9 work for you? Like a successful career, real estate investments can help you build generational wealth. And changing jobs can provide an opportunity to optimize your property ventures. Whether relocating across the country or across town, learn how to navigate questions like, should I sell my existing home? What does passive rental income really involve? Will it be best to rent or purchase in my new city? And how do I find a sales agent? Also, get tips for avoiding relocation pitfalls. Those experienced with selling and re-settling and first-time homebuyers alike will learn valuable information to prepare for any move, including ones that accompany a new job.

Relocation can be a sensitive topic. No attendee cameras will be on. Attending names will not appear when posting comments/questions to the moderator.


Deborah Turner is an expert Realtor® with firsthand experience in buying, selling, and managing investment properties, including national and international transactions. Having grown up in a military family and navigated an academic career, she understands the unique challenges of relocating, no matter the motive for moving. In addition to practicing real estate, Deborah has worked as an academic librarian and senior manager at the University of California, Santa Cruz, as an Adjunct Faculty Member at the Association of Research Libraries, and as an Assistant Professor member at Drexel’s iSchool. She prepared for those roles by earning degrees from the University of California, Berkeley, the University of Michigan, and a doctorate in information science/library studies from the University of Washington. She also conducted research for a year as a Fulbright Fellow at the University of Tampere’s School of Information Studies and Interactive Media in Finland. Deborah lives with her family in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, where she enjoys helping others’ real estate dreams come true.