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The Internet Generation: Connecting with Gen Z in the Library Landscape

Oct 12, 2023


The next generation of students and library workers is purpose-driven with a global mindset. Not a monolith, they are the first generation to grow up without memory of a time before the internet. This generational snapshot will help academic librarians understand experiences and perspectives of our Gen Z students and team members.


Hilary A. Craiglow leads the library consulting practice at Attain Partners, helping libraries achieve their mission faster, more efficiently, and with greater impact. With a 30+ year career in libraries, Hilary understands college and university systems and has experience directing academic libraries. She is a visionary administrator, melding rich library traditions with modern, innovative delivery. A data and mission-driven leader, she creates organizational transformation through empathy, strategy, and partnership.

Stephanie Morgan is the Library Services Assistant at the Walker Management Library at Vanderbilt University, with a focus on access services and collections. She is a current University of Tennessee Knoxville student pursuing her Master of Information Science and a certificate in research data management. Stephanie is a compassionate and collaborative problem-solver with over 10 years of experience supporting patrons in academic libraries.