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Retrofitting Learning Objects for Better Engagement and Efficiency

Jun 12, 2024



Librarians are increasingly being asked to do more: reach more patrons, teach more classes, offer more learning modalities.  Keep tutorials, research guides, and videos updated as technologies evolve and user expectations change.  At the University of West Georgia, the librarians took a comprehensive look at their services and resources to identify and retrofit existing materials to better engage their community and future-proof their instructional materials.  During this webinar, discover ways to identify commonalities in your workflow, implement broad changes in a politically astute way, and utilize computer science best practices to prepare your library for future changes.


Jean Cook is the primary library liaison to the College of Education, Department of Natural Sciences, Department of Computing and Math, and Tanner Health System School of Nursing. Her research interests include effective library support for STEM programs and library instruction and reference in general.