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Intersection between Cognitive Disabilities and the User Experience

Jun 20, 2023


Having an understanding of both cognitive disabilities and the user experience will help you to develop virtual content that is both accessible and easy to use for people who interact with it. When it comes to accessibility, cognitive disabilities are often overlooked and hard to address because of the challenges of creating content that meets their needs. We will discuss the challenges that people with cognitive disabilities have reading content online and its relationship to the user experience principles. One of the goals is to provide you with some information that you can use to improve the user experience for everyone regardless of their challenges.


For the past two years, I have been working as the Web Services Librarian at the University of Oregon. Prior to moving during the pandemic, I have done a variety of different things from working as an Adjunct Instructor for the Art Institute of Pittsburgh to working for a foundation building and managing websites. When not working you will find me outside doing different things from going for a hike in the mountains or spending a quiet day by the ocean. For a period of three years, I worked for the Indiana University Foundation as the web producer. One of my most rewarding responsibilities was to have the opportunity to work with both the staff and students of the Indiana University Student Foundation on their website.