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How Trauma and Stress Impacts the Well-Being of BIPOC Library Workers

Apr 26, 2024



This presentation delves into the profound effects of trauma and stress on the well-being of library workers, with a focus on the experiences of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) professionals. Trauma, whether stemming from singular incidents or prolonged circumstances, poses significant challenges to individuals’ mental health and overall well-being. Through personal narratives and insights, this session sheds light on the intricate ways in which trauma and stress intersect with the professional lives of BIPOC library workers. By fostering awareness and understanding, the presentation aims to contribute to a more supportive and inclusive work environment within the library community.

Learning Objectives:

1. Gain insight into the diverse experiences of trauma and stress faced by BIPOC library professionals.
2. Establish a foundation for ongoing dialogue and collaboration to promote the well-being and resilience of BIPOC library workers.
3. Discuss the importance of allyship and cultural competence in mitigating workplace challenges faced by BIPOC library workers.
4. Develop an understanding of the broader implications of these issues for organizational culture and the effectiveness of library services.


Alejandro Marquez (he/him), is a Science and Engineering Librarian at the University of Denver Libraries. He also served in the Peace Corps in El Salvador where he worked as a Municipal Development volunteer. His research interests include library employee engagement and mental health.