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Hopeful Endemic: Moving Forward with Team Building

Dec 14, 2022

The COVID-19 endemic is still a few years away from being an actual reality. It’s been a year plus of working from home, over a year of working hybrid, or a total return to our offices. Our life and work experiences over the last nearly three years have been about managing significant changes as well as a disconnect. We are all impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the ongoing impact of the racial inequality pandemic. How do we rebuild teams knowing the difficulties that we are all managing? This session is for anyone looking to reinvigorate their teams and reconnect employees to new organizational and strategic goals and processes impacted by the pandemic. This session will engage with the issues managers and leaders face in moving forward by rebuilding foundational trust and team building at our organizations.

Ms. Ghouse (Panelist)

Nikhat J. Ghouse (her, hers, she) is an Associate Librarian for the Social Sciences at American University (AU). In addition to working in libraries for over 20 years, Nikhat has been Organization Development (OD) Consultant and Facilitator for the last six years. Ms. Ghouse specializes in change management, organizational and leadership development, diversity initiatives, and more through her firm Jehan Consulting. Nikhat received her Master of Science in Organization Development from AU, her MLIS from the University of Pittsburgh, and her Bachelor of Arts in History from Cleveland State University. Name pronunciation: https://namedrop.io/nikhatghouse