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Crisis Communication: The Librarian’s Guide to Clear Communication Under Pressure

Feb 20, 2024


In our current world, crisis is not an if it will occur, it’s a when it will occur. As librarian leaders, we want to be strategically prepared and proactive for crisis events. We may have qualified experts in headquarters who have crisis plans to help us, but when the crisis happens, we are the ones on the front lines.In this webinar, you will discover how to prepare mentally and emotionally for crisis situations, reflect on crisis sessions specifically for librarians, and learn tips on advanced communication messaging to be clear and concise.Leaders need (a) self-awareness of body language, tone and choice of words that communicate confident presence with humility, (b) skills to manage the variety of university/stakeholder personalities, and (c) ability to leave students/alumni/community with facts – and a feeling of authentic compassion.


Kimberly Pace is a professor for the practice of management at Vanderbilt University’s Owen Graduate School of Management where she teaches advanced communication courses. She also works with leaders and institutions, primarily in the higher education industry, on communication and executive coaching. Kimberly is a frequent keynote speaker at conferences on topics such as Executive Personal Brand, Leadership Communication Strategies, and Cultures of Engagement. She’s passionate about building partnerships with senior teams to transform their organizations.

Hilary Craiglow leads library consulting at Attain Partners, strengthening library systems using proven evaluation and assessment methods. With a 30+ year career in libraries, Hilary has a deep understanding of college and university systems, and extensive experience leading academic libraries. She is a strategic and visionary administrator, melding rich library traditions with innovative services and assessments. A data and mission-driven leader, she creates organizational transformation through empathy and partnership. Hilary helps library leaders achieve their mission faster, more efficiently, and with greater impact.