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Colonial Archives in the Classroom: Student and Instructor Perspectives

Aug 28, 2023

Where does research end and creative imagination begin? How might teaching archival literacies to students also involve understanding poetry and storytelling? And how might empowering students to produce original work from the archives allow historians, curators and publishers to re-imagine the voices present and absent in the archives – the primary evidence we have of our past?

This panel brings together the voice of an instructor, Professor Christine Wiesenthal and her undergraduate student Saloni Sharma from the University of Alberta, as well as the PhD student, Shebati Sengupta, from the University of New Mexico. They will be joined by a publisher of primary source collections, Dr. Laura Blomvall from AM, in an effort to stage a conversation between instructors, students and publishers on student success in the context of the colonial legacies in the archive.