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Changing the Lens: A Fresh Look at Ending Workplace Racism and Hostility in the Workplace

Feb 23, 2023


We are in the midst of what some may call a “Great Awakening” concerning the importance and fundamental value of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. Our due diligence has produced some genuine empathy, which, hopefully, has us on a fast track toward internal, interpersonal, systemic, and institutional transformation. We are evolving in our relationship with social justice and racial equity and our desire to mitigate our biases to create a professional atmosphere that is welcoming for all. We are finding our voices in this broader conversation, but we know voice alone is not going to help change anything. So, let’s consider what may be next, explore what we ourselves can do, and how our small efforts could have rippling effects for generations.


Suzanne Haley inspires soul care and human solidarity through compassionate truth-sharing, awakening empathy, and activating courageous citizenship. She is the Founder & CEO of S. Haley & Associates and Co-founder of Changing the Lens, a community-building movement created to dismantle internalized and systemic racism. She participates with task forces, alliances, committees, and diverse collaborative efforts to inspire, educate, request, and demand equity and justice. She has provided consulting and training for a diverse clientele, including academic and public libraries, library systems, and associations across the country. She also works with local, regional, national, and international organizations to inspire collective alliances for racial justice and healing through community building. https://www.changinglens.org/about