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ASERL Open House: Volunteer Service / Leadership Opportunities

Jun 5, 2024
Word Cloud: Volunteer Leadership

It’s that time of year:  We are seeking volunteers to serve as part of leadership groups for our various committees and interest groups for the upcoming program year, and to thank those who have been serving as leaders for the past few years who are ready to rotate off.  Leadership opportunities include:

  1. Accessibility Interest Group
  2. Associate Deans / AUL Networking Group
  3. Collection Strategy Interest Group
  4. Professional Development
  5. Resource Sharing Committee (an expansion of Kudzu-Ops to include Resource Sharing at all ASERL libraries)
  6. Scholarly Communications Committee
  7. Special Collections Interest Group
  8. “ASERL Eleven” License Review Team


All of the above groups are led by teams of library professionals from ASERL libraries – usually 5 – 8 people per team.  Instead of a few co-chairs for each committee, we have found it beneficial to tap into the group’s brainpower and creativity, and to help spread out the workload among many hands.

We already have a few names of people interested in joining some of these groups for the year ahead, and we have also fielded several questions.  To help get the word out and engage with new people in our membership, we are hosting an online Open House to offer anyone in our member libraries a chance to learn more about these service opportunities, the ideas and plans for upcoming activities within the various committees/interest groups, and ways they (you!) can join our merry band.  People from under-represented groups are very much encouraged to volunteer!


ASERL OPEN HOUSE:  Volunteer Service / Leadership Opportunities within ASERL

June 5, 2024 at 2pm ET / 1pm Central Time

REGISTER:  https://emory.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJIpc-mtrT4pGdEUkf7GH5nhIcoTNELkmXFD


If you cannot attend this session but are interested/have questions, please feel free to contact anyone on Team ASERL.  See https://www.aserl.org/about/#staff for contact details.


Thanks for considering this and helping to spread the word!