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Unlocking Potential Through Art: Spark Student Curiosity with Primary Source Literacy

February 22, 2024 EST

Summary How is learning enhanced when students are empowered to select, research, describe, interpret, curate and present primary sources for the public? How can collaborative exploration of primary sources and […]

Crisis Communication: The Librarian’s Guide to Clear Communication Under Pressure

February 20, 2024 EST

Summary In our current world, crisis is not an if it will occur, it’s a when it will occur. As librarian leaders, we want to be strategically prepared and proactive for crisis events. We […]

How to Create a Scholarly Communications Office

February 15, 2024 EST

  Summary Join us for a discussion with Jeff Graveline, Associate Dean for Research and Scholarly Communication and Dr. Marla Hertz, Associate Professor and the Research Data Management (RDM) Librarian […]

Digital Humanities and Emerging Technologies: Collaboration, Vision, and the Future

February 14, 2024 EST

NOTE:  This webinar will not be recorded! Summary  This talk presents recent examples of digital humanities research that uses augmented reality and other emerging technologies in unique domains for archival […]

AI Challenges: Taking a Critical Look at Racial Bias and Ethics

February 7, 2024 EST

  Join us for a conversation about the basics of AI tools and the challenges around Ethics and Racial Bias. The presentation will focus on the following topics: Introduction to […]

ASERL Resource Sharing Community Call

February 7, 2024 EST

Join resource sharing colleagues from across the Southeast’s finest academic libraries to engage in focused topics of interest to the community. Find out what’s happening across ASERL and help determine […]

Collection Development Policies in a Dynamic Collections Environment

February 2, 2024 EST

This webinar will focus on collections policies, and why dynamic policies can remain important for addressing user requirements, diversity and inclusion, technological change, and other elements of collection building and management.

Unpacking Peace of Mind: A Librarian’s Guide to Calming Relocation Jitters

February 1, 2024 EST

  Summary You work hard from 9 to 5. Does where you live from 5 to 9 work for you? Like a successful career, real estate investments can help you […]

Breaking Barriers: HBCU Legacy, Future Investments, and North Carolina A&T’s Success Model

January 30, 2024 EST

Summary Explore the enduring legacy of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) despite historic underfunding and discuss future investment visions. Highlight the vital partnership between libraries and faculty, drawing inspiration […]

All Hands on Deck: Righting the Ship after a Library Disaster

January 29, 2024 EST

  Description During the Winter 2022 break, Cooper Library at Clemson University experienced flooding after a major pipe burst due to freezing temperatures. Referred to as The Flood, this webinar […]


ASERL Info Session — Options for AD/AUL service on ASERL Board of Directors

January 22, 2024 EST

ASERL MEMBERS ONLY.. REGISTER HERE: We have received a few inquiries about service opportunities for Associate Deans/AULs with the ASERL Board of Directors, so we are scheduling a Zoom […]

ASERL Copyright Office Hour — Dec 2023

December 15, 2023 EST

Please join us with your thorniest copyright-related questions!  Copyright experts from ASERL libraries are here to help.  These sessions are not recorded to allow free-flowing exchange of ideas. REGISTER at […]

How to Build Organizational Trust in Chaotic Times

December 14, 2023 EST

Summary With organizational trust, employees are better engaged with work and organizational goals. But the last three-plus years have impacted work in every way. Everything about how we work (virtual […]

Flirting with AI: Spend Some Interactive Time Exploring New Apps and Tools for Research

December 13, 2023 EST

  Summary Do you feel exhausted or not enough time to explore the newest AI tools for research or to make your life easier? From developing a research question to […]

DOAJ at 20: Trusted

December 7, 2023 EST

ASERL members are invited to attend the third and last webinar in this series, “DOAJ at 20: Trusted,” on the 7th of December at 14.00 UTC (9am ET/8am Central Time). This […]

ASERL Copyright Office Hour — Nov 2023

November 17, 2023 EST

Please join us with your thorniest copyright-related questions!  Copyright experts from ASERL libraries are here to help.  These sessions are not recorded to allow free-flowing exchange of ideas. REGISTER at […]

Why Do I Stay in Librarianship? — The DEI Perspective

November 1, 2023 EDT

    “Hopefulness and cautious optimism You are not alone..BIPOC librarians struggle to stay in the’s normal. ” As a follow up to popular series “Why I Left the […]


Update for ASERL Members: Skilltype for Expertise Sharing

October 30, 2023 EDT

    Join ASERL members and guests for an overview and refresher of the library talent management platform, Skilltype. Founder and CEO Tony Zanders will perform a live demonstration of […]

ASERL Copyright Office Hour — Oct 2023

October 27, 2023 EDT

Please join us with your thorniest copyright-related questions!  Copyright experts from ASERL libraries are here to help.  These sessions are not recorded to allow free-flowing exchange of ideas. REGISTER at […]

Accessibility Water Cooler

October 23, 2023 EDT

Please join us at the Accessibility Water Cooler with your questions, thoughts and ideas!  Accessibility fans from ASERL libraries are here to share their thoughts and ideas.  These sessions are […]

The Internet Generation: Connecting with Gen Z in the Library Landscape

October 12, 2023 EDT

Summary: The next generation of students and library workers is purpose-driven with a global mindset. Not a monolith, they are the first generation to grow up without memory of a […]

ASERL Community Conversations: Open Access and Artificial Intelligence

October 5, 2023 EDT

Join the ASERL Scholarly Communications Interest Group for the first of a four-part series looking at hot topics in scholarly communications.  Each series will feature a presenter with plenty of […]

Career Challenges & Experiences for Mid-Career/New Archivists and Librarians of Color

September 18, 2023 EDT

  Summary: Please join and listen to our panel of mid-career and new archivists and librarians of color as they share their career experiences. The topics include getting that first […]

Personal Librarians: Building Relationships Across Campus

September 14, 2023 EDT

Summary Hear how Ms. Welber spearheaded Princeton’s Personal Librarian Program in 2017 and leveraged technology to strengthen and grow the program.  During her presentation, she will walk us through the […]

Wait? We’re Drawing? Engaging Visual Strategies for First Year Library Orientation

September 7, 2023 EDT

Summary: At the University of Memphis, librarians designed a highly visual lesson to improve first-year students’ knowledge of library spaces. Incorporating research on the relationship between drawing, cognitive engagement, and […]

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