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Worldcrunch, Why Local Is Global: International News For Your Community!

February 2, 2023 EST

  Join Jeff Israely, Founder and Editor of, and Darrell W. Gunter, EVP, CCO of Worldcrunch as they present a fireside chat about Worldcrunch’s local culture international news service and […]

DEI Success Stories and Exceeding Expectations: Skilltype

January 30, 2023 EST

The U.S. workforce is becoming increasingly diverse, with people of color now making up over 35% of the labor force. The proportion of people of color in the workforce will […]

Cultivating Racial Equity & Inclusion: Using XR

January 10, 2023 EST

The XR Equity & Diversity Playbook was constructed for libraries to explore how to use virtual reality (VR) and discuss equity and diversity through an “immersive experience.” VR is an […]

Hopeful Endemic: Moving Forward with Team Building

December 14, 2022 EST

The COVID-19 endemic is still a few years away from being an actual reality. It’s been a year plus of working from home, over a year of working hybrid, or […]

Textually Speaking: Narratives of 20th Century Racial Struggle, Resistance, and Resilience Through Primary Sources

December 6, 2022 EST

Reveal Digital develops Open Access primary source collections from under-represented 20th-century voices of dissent, using a unique publishing model where funding and source material are pooled together from libraries and […]

The Reluctant Leader: Conquering stereotypes, imposter syndrome and rising to new heights

November 18, 2022 EST

Stereotypes of gender, race, and culture often prevent BIPOC employees from rising to positions of leadership. Alanna and Elaina will explore the role of their upbringing as BIPOC women, their […]

The Effectiveness and Durability of Digital Preservation and Curation Systems

November 14, 2022 EST

Summary Regardless of their size, location, or communities served, all heritage organizations are involved in curating digital content, whether that content is born-digital or reformatted from physical materials. With funding […]

ASERL Collection Strategy Interest Group Town Hall Meeting

November 9, 2022 EST

After much discussion, ASERL has merged two existing Interest Groups — the Big Deal Community of Practice and the Collection Assessment Interest Group — into a new, combined Interest Group […]

Library Accessibility Alliance Webinar: Incorporating Accessibility into Library OER Programs & Initiatives

October 27, 2022 EDT

Open Educational Resources (OER) are meant to be as open and available as possible, but if they’re not accessible or on accessible platforms, how “open” are they really? In this […]


ASERL Collection Strategy Panel Session: After-Effects of Big-Deal Cancellations

October 26, 2022 EDT

Please register at

Future of Librarianship: A Critical Look at Succession Planning for a More Inclusive Workplace

October 24, 2022 EDT

Leadership practice, style, and situational outcomes are important topics for anyone who wishes to hone their leadership skills or evaluate how they lead. How can a leadership practice manifest itself […]

Increasing Faculty Engagement With Makerspace Technologies

October 4, 2022 EDT

Have you had trouble getting faculty to make use of the technology in your makerspace? Libraries often build spaces that offer all kinds of exciting technologies, but sometimes faculty do […]

Library Accessibility Alliance webinar: Disability Access & Climate in Libraries

September 29, 2022 EDT

Participants expand their awareness of disability, learn to promote accessibility, and consider how to contribute to a positive climate through their beliefs, behaviors, and communications.


Looking at Virginia Shared Collections through a DEI Lens: Increasing Equity and Representation

September 28, 2022 EDT

The structure by which we evaluate collections is inherently problematic, as collections deliver value to users in many ways that are not always easy to quantify. This presentation will show […]

Scholars Trust Town Hall e-Meeting

September 21, 2022 EDT

      Scholars Trust Town Hall e-meetings provide a forum to share progress on current initiatives and elicit further feedback from participating libraries.

Leading Together: Academic Library Consortia and Advocacy

September 20, 2022 EDT

There is strength in a consortium voice and through the agency of the consortium the opportunity to lead together under a unified plan. This presentation reviews the landscape of effective […]

Racial Equity in Libraries: Hiring, Retention, and Promotion of BIPOC Employees

September 19, 2022 EDT

In this session, Kristyn Caragher and Tatiana Bryant will highlight select results of their national survey and provide implications for libraries to consider in their racial equity work regarding the […]

ASERL Community Call: National Perspectives on the State of Transformative OA Agreements

September 15, 2022 - September 26, 2022 EDT

ASERL Community Call:  National Perspectives on the State of Transformative / OA Agreements Presenters:  Mat Wilmott (Assistant Director for Open Access Agreements, University of California System) and Allison Langham-Putrow (University of Minnesota / head […]

METRO’s Equity Mentorship Program from a DEI Lens (Lunch and Learn)

September 15, 2022 EDT

METRO’s Equity Mentorship Program is meant to support BIPOC students and early professionals in the library and archives field. Our intention is to create a curriculum that will aid BIPOC […]

Library Accessibility Alliance webinar: Accessibility Committees: Cultivating Cultures of Accessibility

September 7, 2022 EDT

This webinar will provide real-world case studies of the formation and impact of accessibility committees at two different university libraries. Presenters from the University of Minnesota and the University of […]


Cultivating Civility and Resilience in Libraries: Challenges and Solutions

August 16, 2022 EDT

Would you like to be part of the solution to creating a functional library work environment with workplace communications that are complete and clear? During this webinar, the participants will […]

Through the Records: The Work of the Center for the Study of Slavery in Charleston (CSSC) at the College of Charleston

August 11, 2022 EDT

Like so many other colleges and universities, the College of Charleston has worked to reexamine its role in American history and the role that diverse communities have played in that […]


    Building the Innovation Lab: A Technology Playground

    August 9, 2022 EDT

    Learn about the development of the Innovation Lab (iLab), an exciting and expanding community hub that demonstrates what is possible with emerging technologies. On a shoestring budget, the iLab has […]

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