ASERL Programming Options for Research Libraries Outside the Southeast

In November 2002, ASERL members voted to create a new category of program participation for libraries outside the Southeast region or contiguous states.  Called “ASERL Program Affiliates,” this category allows libraries that would otherwise meet ASERL’s membership criteria to participate in specified ASERL programs.  ASERL Program Affiliates must pay an equal share of program costs plus any administrative fee set by the ASERL Board of Directors.  (The administrative fee is currently set at 50% of membership dues.)  Please note that ASERL Program Affiliates are not members of the Association, do not vote on Association business, and cannot hold an ASERL office.

Click here for a copy of the ASERL Program Affiliate application form.  For more information on ASERL Program Affiliates, please contact John Burger.