ASERL Professional Development Retreat (April 17-19, 2024)

Our recent ASERL Professional Development retreat at UNC Chapel Hill (April 17-19, 2024) was a resounding success! Partnering with TRLN (Triangle Research Libraries Network), we welcomed over 47 attendees, many who wouldn’t typically attend library conferences. This local collaboration opened doors for a wider audience to connect and learn.


Witnessing ideas come to life is truly rewarding. This retreat fostered a vibrant community for discussion, learning, and building new relationships. Attendees raved about the event:

  • “This was a much-needed retreat to discuss, learn, and a coming together of community. Also, to meet some wonderful new faces as well as catching up with familiar ones. Great event. May it continue and continue to grow.”
  • “I enjoyed building my BIPOC Librarians network at this event. I felt that the presentations were really interesting and provided great topics for further conversations with the other attendees of this event.”
  • “There were numerous highlights throughout the event! The initial hour of getting acquainted was a blast; I discovered fascinating tidbits about each attendee. It was such an enjoyable group with diverse backgrounds! Both the reception and luncheon were delightful. The maker space activities provided a fantastic opportunity to interact with other participants and were incredibly enjoyable.”

ASERL remains committed to fostering connections and education through collaboration. A special thanks to Lisa Croucher (TRLN) and Monica Figueroa (UNC Chapel Hill) – true partners and fantastic collaborators who helped bring this event to life!

See the highlights! (Pictures were taken from the participants during the event)

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