Five Questions with Jenny Townes (Emory University)

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1) Tell us about your work in your library?

As the Open Access Librarian at Emory University Libraries, I tend to many gardens in the scholarly communication landscape. I administer the Open Access Publishing Fund, consult with researchers about open access options, and work to market the open repositories managed by the libraries.

2) What attracted you to this role?

This role allows me to work within my personal values: I believe in universal access to information, without regard to socioeconomic circumstances. I’m very happy to be in a position to assist in opening scholarship at Emory.

3) How have you been involved with ASERL?

I’ve long taken advantage of ASERL webinars and events, both in Georgia and in my previous location, North Carolina. I’ve been an “official” member since 2022.

4) What parts of your job/volunteering with ASERL do you find most rewarding?

Meeting new people and making connections through ASERL is incredibly rewarding!

5) What’s one great thing that most people don’t know about you?

I really love astronomy and know almost all our constellations by sight.