Thank you, Karen Manning — Inaugural ASERL Visiting Program Officer for BIPOC Programming 2022-2023

We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Karen Manning for blazing a trail as the inaugural ASERL Visiting Program Officer for the BIPOC Professional Development Events. Her boundless enthusiasm, infectious energy, uplifting humor, and attention to detail were instrumental in driving the triumph of the initial ASERL BIPOC Retreats.

Beyond her invaluable contributions to the retreats themselves, Karen’s monthly community calls became a cherished highlight for participants. These calls not only fostered a sense of camaraderie but also served as a vital lifeline for those who couldn’t physically attend the events. Her dedication did not go unnoticed. In the words of one grateful participant, “Karen made me feel seen and valued at the conference… I’m so glad I attended the Georgia Tech event.

Please join us in thanking Karen for her yearlong service and dedication to the ASERL Visiting Program Officer position.  This volunteer opportunity was invaluable for ASERL to get quality BIPOC programming off the ground.  We wish her nothing but success with her position as Engagement and Inclusion Librarian at Georgia Tech Libraries.