Update on ASERL Member-Only Discounts

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Although ASERL is not a buying club per se, we occasionally secure offers that enable discounted purchases on selected products for our libraries as an additional benefit of their membership in ASERL.  Recently, ASERL secured agreements for discounts on Africa Commons from Coherent Digital and Gale Primary Sources.  These offers are available for a limited time during this fiscal year.


Other ongoing discounts are available on services and products from:

  • Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)
  • ORCID author identification
  • BackStage Library Works
  • Reprints Desk / Article Galaxy Scholar, and
  • Academic Libraries Video Trust.

Information about all member-only discount offers are available on our Member Offers webpageNOTE:  This page is password-protected for ASERL members only; please see these simple instructions to create an account to view these pages.

We are also working with our vendor partners to support implementation of ASERL’s Eleven Licensing Principles as part of future agreements.