Five Questions with Kineret Ben-Knaan

photo Kineret Ben-Knaan
Kineret Ben-Knaan, University of Miami

Kineret Ben-Knaan, Research and Assessment Librarian, University of Miami


1)  Tell us about your work in your library…?

As the Research and Assessment Librarian at the University of Miami Libraries (UML), I support the achievement of the libraries’ strategic goals by developing data-driven assessment activities related to services, collections, technology, and physical spaces. I engage in querying and analyzing data to gain new insights, and I work collaboratively with my colleagues to drive data-informed decision-making.


2)  What attracted you to this role?

In ACRL’s Proficiencies for Assessment Librarians and Coordinators, 2017, the Assessment librarian is viewed as one that “serves as a catalyst for change by delivering evidence and analysis to fuel better decision making.” As a data-minded individual, I’m drawn to data analysis to gain knowledge and guidance. Demonstrating the libraries’ impact and value or advocating for a change through data insights is empowering and rewarding.


3)  How have you been involved with ASERL?

I joined the ASERL Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Retention task force about two years ago. The DEI Retention task force has been studying the perspectives among libraries’ employees on their workplace culture to identify aspects of culture related to inclusion and engagement that need to be improved. Our task force adopted a diagnostic survey instrument which was disseminated across ASERL member institutions, and we are analyzing the results. We hope that the knowledge obtained from the survey results will inform the adaptation of models, frameworks, and best practices designed to create healthy workplace cultures that benefit everyone working in these libraries.


4)  What parts of your job/volunteering with ASERL do you find most rewarding?

The opportunity to work and meet many colleagues from other institutions that value Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion would be the most rewarding.


5)  What’s one great thing that most people don’t know about you?

I would say my love for antique jewelry. Jewelry is a form of functional art, and antique jewelry also holds pieces of personal history, making it even more beautiful.