Video to Highlight The Value of Library Print Collections During the Time of Pandemic

clip from "Value of Shared Print" video showing the Mona Lisa wearing a face mask

June 25, 2020 – The Rosemont Shared Print Alliance and the Partnership for Shared Book Collections today launched a two-minute video highlighting the importance of shared print collections in libraries as a key component to ensuring ongoing and future access to the scholarly record and to the future of research, teaching, and learning. The video can be viewed at

“Most people access scholarly information online these days, and even more so since much of the world has been in some form of lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” commented Judy Russell, Dean of Libraries at the University of Florida and Chair of the Rosemont Alliance Executive Committee. “But you can only digitize something if the original print copy has been safely retained.” Libraries have been collaborating to determine the proper level of redundancy of their print collections, ensuring that collections are protected and maintained while offering individual libraries flexibility in what to keep on their shelves. According to the Center for Research Libraries, there are currently 49 Shared Print Programs registered with the Print Archive and Preservation (“PAPR”) Registry.


“Shared Print Programs allow libraries to keep the right number of copies of their books and journals to enable digitization and ensure the original print can be preserved for the future, while saving libraries money, time and effort,” commented Susan Stearns, leader of the Partnership for Shared Book Collections’ Steering Committee. “Each library can decide what to keep, in cooperation with others. And on those occasions when a scholar needs to gain access to the original book or journal, Shared Print Programs make sure that can be achieved – again, at a cost that is shared and reasonable.”


About the Rosemont Shared Print Alliance

The Rosemont Shared Print Alliance is a collaboration of regional programs interested in coordinating their efforts on a larger scale to ensure the retention of and access to print journal backfiles. Rosemont was founded in 2015 by representatives of the Big 10 Academic Alliance, the FLorida Academic REpository (FLARE), ScholarsTrust, and the Western Regional Storage Trust (WEST). The Eastern Academic Libraries’ Scholars Trust (EAST) joined the Rosemont Alliance in 2017. Working collaboratively, these five programs are significantly growing the collection of serials and journals currently being retained and archived by libraries as well as developing shared policies and standards.  See for more information.


About the Partnership for Shared Book Collections

The Partnership for Shared Book Collections is a federation of monograph shared print programs in the U.S. and Canada whose mission is to ensure the long-term preservation of, access to, and integrity of monographic print resources. The Partnership supports both established and fledgling monograph shared print programs by coordinating collaboration for the protection of print books. Through the development of best practices, support of research on the risks to the loss of the print scholarly record, and advocacy for improving the infrastructure to support shared print, the Partnership identifies work that can be done collectively to advance mission-critical services while saving time and money locally.



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