Enslavement in the Southeastern United States: A Shared Digital Exhibit

ASERL’s Special Collections Interest Group is creating a new, digital exhibit focusing on the history of 400 years of enslavement in the Southeastern United States as part of the anniversary of the arrival of Africans in the English colonies in 1619. The exhibit will include materials from many ASERL libraries, curated by a team of special collections professionals from across ASERL.  It will provide information about many aspects of enslavement and enslaved people.  The exhibit will debut in Fall 2019 via the ASERL website and use the Omeka.net platform to provide the user experience.

The curatorial team is comprised of volunteers from member institutions:

    • Jessica Perkins Smith, Mississippi State University
    • Jennifer McGillan, Mississippi State University
    • Tanya Zanish-Belcher, Wake Forest University
    • Beatrice (Bea) Skokan, University of Miami
    • Melissa Smith, Louisiana State University
    • E. Haven Hawley, University of Florida
    • Suzan Alteri, University of Florida
    • Megan Mummey, University of Kentucky
    • Jennifer Ford, University of Mississippi

For more detailed information about the exhibit, please see the exhibit plan.

ASERL institutions are encouraged to submit materials for consideration using this Metadata form (Word) or Excel form to submit items. There is also an example using an item from Wake Forest University. If you have questions regarding contributions, please email Suzan Alteri (salteri@ufl.edu).