Standards for use of the MARC 583 Field

A 583 “retention” action note (the base level) is required in each library’s local catalog. The default assumption is that the library is committing 100% of their owned run to retention. If the library is not retaining their complete run of a title, or there are known gaps in the run, a second 583 “completeness” action note is required to document the exceptions.

The Base level 583 action note – for an unvalidated journal (no indication of holdings or condition):
The first indicator should be set to 1 (meaning not private).
$a (action) = “committed to retain”.
$c (time and date of action) = “YYYYMMDD”.
$d (Action interval, i.e. date when commitment expires) = “20351231”.
$f (Authorization, i.e. name of archiving program) = “Scholars Trust”.
$u (Uniform Resource Identifier, i.e. link to program documentation for the print archiving program identified in $f) =

583 1# $a committed to retain $c 20120123 $d 20351231 $f Scholars Trust $u

For validated journal reviewed for completeness (indication of holdings, not condition). Two 583 action notes are required; a retention 583 (using the above subfields) plus a completeness 583, using the following subfields:
The first indicator should be set to 1 (meaning not private).
$3 (materials specified, holdings to which action applies. Should be the same as described in LHR 85x/86x or 866).
$5 Institution:  Archiving institution, controlled terms using MARC organization code.
$a (action) = “completeness reviewed”.
$c (time and date of action) = “YYYYMMDD”.
$f (Authorization, i.e. name of archiving program) = “Scholars Trust”.
$i (Method of action, i.e. validation level – volume-level, issue-level, page-level).
$j Site of Action:  Holdings Location Code (HLC)
$l (Status) = standardized language to describe units – changes in binding, missing issues or reprints, etc.).
$z (public note, used to identify completeness problems, i.e. gaps).

583 1# $3 v.1(1949)-v.32(1981), v.34(1983)-v.44(1993) $a completeness reviewed $c 20120123 $f Scholars Trust $i volume-level validation $j Library Service Center $l missing volumes $z missing v.33(1982) $5 NcU

Scholars Trust participating institutions have committed to maintain LHRs for their titles, including the use of the 583, by December 31, 2016.

Recommendation for the record type for 583 action notes:
The Cataloging Task Force recommends as a best practice that the 583 notes be added to the bib record rather than the holding record, in part due to the possibility of multiple holdings records being attached to a single bib record, making it difficult to identify to which record the notes should apply.

For more information on the guidelines for use of the 583 action notes – please see the OCLC Detailed Metadata Guidelines for Shared Print Management.