ASERL Information Technology / Digital Initiatives Interest Group (ITDIIG)

Program Overview

Established in 2009, the ASERL Information Technology and Digital Initiatives Interest Group (ITDIIG) is charged with exploring cooperative ventures between member libraries and to implement mechanisms for sharing knowledge and best professional practices in the fields of library information technology and digital libraries and archives. The ASERL ITDIIG seeks areas of interest for research and exploration, investigate potential collaborative/cooperative ventures based on that research, and periodically recommend specific ventures to ASERL’s leadership for implementation.

The ASERL ITDIIG is led and managed by two co-chairs appointed by the ASERL Board for a term of two years each, with terms rotating every-other year. The current ITDIIG co-chairs are Bob Price (UNC-Charlotte) and David Comeaux (LSU). Questions, comments, or suggestions about ITDIIG activities can be addressed to either co-chair and/or to John Burger, ASERL’s Executive Director.


Approximately once per quarter, ASERL’s ITDIIG group offers online meetings (webinars) for interested ASERL librarians. Using a “lunch-n-learn” format, the goal is to provide brief overviews into the IT/digital library initiatives underway within the Association. Upcoming webinars are announced via the ITDIIG listserv and on the ASERL website.

Upcoming ITDIIG webinars — see the latest information information on our home page.

Archived Content from Previous ASERL-ITDIIG Webinars

(Listed in reverse-chronological order — most recent webinar information is listed at the top. Note that many of these files are large in size and may take a few moments to load completely.)

“Overview of Penn State’s One Button Studio, and How GMU Made use of the PSU Model”
October 10, 2014
Session Recording  |  Penn State PPT   |   George Mason PPT

“What Role(s) Should the Library Play in Support of Discovery?”
Friday, October 31, 2014
Session Recording   |  Speaker’s PPT

Ithaka Local Faculty Surveys on ASERL Campuses”
June 10, 2014
Session Recording   |  Speakers’ PPT

“Evaluating Discovery: How Tools Affect Undergraduates’ Research Practices” April 8, 2014
Session Recording | Speakers PPT

Webinar:  Overview of Digital Public Library of America, and How ASERL Libraries Are Supporting It September 13, 2013 Session Recording  |  PPT Slides — Emily Gore  |  PPT Slides — Chris Vinson

Webinar:  “Library-Based Publishing — Focus on Undergraduate Research Journals” July 23, 2013 Session Recording  |  PPTs:  Watkinson / Purdue  |  Rubin / Tulane  |  Vandegrift et al / FSU  |  Cummings-Sauls / USF

Webinar:  Creating Mobile-Friendly Services at VCU Libraries December 4, 2012 Session Recording  |  PPT Slides

Webinar:  Creating Mobile-Friendly Services for Library Users at Vanderbilt October 25, 2012 Session Recording  |  PPT Slides

Webinar:  Next-Gen Discovery Tools #4 — WorldCat LocalJune 9, 2011 Session Recording  |  Peggy Kain PPT (UAB)  | Monica Metz-Wiseman PPT (USF)

Webinar: Next-Gen Discovery Tools #3 — EBSCO Discovery ServiceApril 14, 2011 Session Recording  |  Tim Bucknall PPT (UNC Greensboro)  |  Stephen Cunetto PPT (Mississippi State Univ)

Next-Gen Discovery Tools in ASERL Libraries / Session #2 — VuFind
March 28, 2011 — 11am ET – 12:30pm ET
Speakers’ PPTs: Jean-Paul Bessou & Kevin Gilbertson (Wake Forest), Clint Bellanger & Marliese Thomas (Auburn.)
Session recording

Next-Gen Discovery Tools in ASERL Libraries / Session #1 — Summon
February 25, 2011 — 1pm ET – 2pm ET
Speakers’ PPTs: Greg Raschke & Josh Boyer (NC State) Mark Custer (East Carolina)
Session recording

Print-on-Demand/Digitize-on-Demand Services

Learn from colleagues about these emerging services at research libraries. Sessions are free to all ASERL librarians and staff, and will be recorded for later playback.

Session #1 — February 9, 2011 (session recording)
Lars Meyer — Emory University (PPT)
Robin Dale — LYRASIS (PPT)

Session #2 — February 11, 2011 (recording)
Jamie Bradway — North Carolina State University (PPT)
David McKnight — University of Pennsylvania (PPT)

Mobile Library Services #2 — November 8, 2010 (session recording)
Chad Haefele — UNC-Chapel Hill (PPT)
Laurie Taylor, James Taylor, Mark Sullivan — University of Florida (PPT)

Mobile Library Services #1 — August 11, 2010 (session recording)
Jason Battles — University of Alabama – Introduction (PPT)
Brad Spry — University of North Carolina at Charlotte (PPT)
Brian Dietz & Markus West — North Carolina State University (PPT)

ITDIIG #5 — September 22, 2010 (session recording)
Jimmy Ghaphery — Virginia Commonwealth University (PPT)
Cheryl Gowing & Kyle Rimkus — Univerity of Miami (PPT)

ITDIIG #4 — July 21, 2010
Jason Battles — University of Alabama (PPT)
Mark Greenberg & Barbara Lewis — University of South Florida (PPT)

ITDIIG #3 — February 9, 2010
Stephen Cunetto – Mississippi State University (PPT)
Laurie Taylor – University of Florida (PPT)

ITDIIG #2 — November 12, 2009
Toby Graham – University of Georgia (PPT)
Mary Molinaro – University of Kentucky (PPT)

ITDIIG #1 — September 24, 2009
Emily Gore – Clemson University ()
Tyler Walters – Georgia Tech (PPT)