ASERL Collection Assessment Initiatives

See also: Journal Retention Program, and Collaborative Federal Depository Program


In Spring 2019, the ASERL Board made the decision to restructure the Collection Development Initiative to focus primarily on collection assessment thus, renaming the group Collection Assessment Initiative. Collection development professionals at the ASERL libraries will be working on education and communities of practice to help inform how collections are built on their various campuses using the expertise of their colleagues. This will include providing documentation to best practices and hosting webinars to learn about new initiatives in collection management and assessment at various ASERL Libraries. You can find previous collection management related webinars on the webinar archive page.

To prepare for this transition, the co-chairs of the Collection Assessment Committee conducted a survey to gain insight on how ASERL libraries were assessing their collection and gather ideas on what could be minded and presented for the benefit of all ASERL members. The findings and a bibliography of current research will help determine new programs and identify possible Communities of Practice.

Even with the changing focus of the group, ASERL collection managers and other leaders will continue to gather for networking sessions during the annual Charleston Library Conferences each November. These gatherings offer the chance for ASERL colleagues to discuss important issues and to re-connect with others in the field. If you would like information about the next gathering of ASERL Collection Development leaders, please contact John Burger.

The group will also still support Members-Only Offers for ASERL Libraries.

The Collection Assessment Initiative is guided by three co-chairs

Alice Daugherty (Coordinator of Acquisitions and Electronic Resources, University of Alabama)

Jennifer Daugherty (NC Collection Librarian, East Carolina University)

Robert Rubero (Political Papers Archivist, Florida State University)