ASERL-WRLC Resource Sharing

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In early 2013, ASERL and the Washington Research Library Consortium ( signed a partnership to expand resource sharing among the member libraries of each consortium. As a result of this agreement, starting February 1, 2013 ASERL and WRLC libraries will provide no-fee, priority service to each others’ resource sharing requests. This is an important, significant expansion of resource sharing for research libraries in the region.


  • The Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States will be followed.
  • ASERL and WRLC members will process requests from other ASERL libraries as quickly as possible within four days of receipt.
  • When necessary, participating libraries will answer “No” within 48 hours utilizing OCLC’s “Reasons for No.”
  • The program will require no fees and no bookkeeping, including overdue fines, postage, or nonrefundable processing charges.
  • The note “ASERL/WRLC” should be entered in the in the affiliation field of the OCLC ILL, DOCLINE, and ALA request forms. Requests that are not so noted may be assessed regular charges for ILL service.
  • The borrowing library is responsible for any returnable material from the time it is shipped to the borrower until it is returned to the lender. If damage or loss occurs, the lender may request replacement or compensation.
  • All materials lent through this agreement are subject to recall by the lender and must be returned as soon as possible. Failure to provide timely returns may result in loss of borrowing privileges.
  • The lending library will provide rush service by scanning, Ariel, fax, FedEx/UPS, or similar service when needed.

Participating Libraries

Since January 2001, the Association of Southeastern Research Libraries has provided “Kudzu,” a system for expedited ILL services at participating member libraries across the region. Kudzu connects more than 300,000 students and faculty to more than 30 million volumes. Most documents can be delivered to the user within a few days — and in some cases, a few hours.

Key to the success of the Kudzu system is the rapid delivery of ILL materials to Kudzu participants. All Kudzu libraries agree to provide expedited delivery to Kudzu partners. To facilitate this, ASERL has contracted with Lanter Delivery Service to provide courier services between 16 of the 19 Kudzu participants. (Lanter Delivery participants are marked with an asterisk below.) The other Kudzu libraries provide expedited delivery using various other services.

Kudzu participants have also developed a set of principles that govern the ILL practices for project participants. Click here to see Kudzu’s ILL policies and processes.

More Information about the Kudzu Program

Participating Kudzu Libraries

*indicates use of ASERL’s contract courier service for delivery of physical items