Petition to Support ASERLs FDLP Program

120 total responses as of November 28, 2011


Response                                                     Percent                Count
I am a library Dean/Director                           42.5%                 51
I am a Documents Librarian                           40.0%                 48
I work in a depository library and
support the FDLP collection                           15.0%                 18
I am a member of the public and
use FDLP materials                                        5.8%                    7

Other (please specify)                                     7.5%                   9
Former Law Librarian of Congress and emeritus director of
UF Legal  Information Center
LIS professor, former docs librarian
Associate Dean
leader of library organization
I am an Associate Dean for Collection Development
I work in a housing library
State Librarian/Librarian of Virginia
My library is one of the regionals in the ASERL Region

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