Member Offers

ASERL secures a limited number of product discount for its members based on expressions of interest and need from our members.  Our current discount offers are:

  • ORCID author identification system, via partnership with Greater Western Library Alliance. The “Premium” level of ORCID service available to ASERL members for $4,300/year, plus $86 administrative fee to GWLA. This represents an 80% discount off list price. See for boilerplate terms & conditions. See for more details on implementing ORCID. No closing date for this offer at this time.
  • EBSCO Ebooks. ASERL members receive 5% discount for any increases in purchasing over the library’s previous year spend on EBSCO ebook purchases made via GOBI. Contact your EBSCO rep for more information. Available through June 30, 2018.
  • Backstage Library Works.  ASERL members receive 8% discount on most services provided by BSLW, including non-English cataloging, MARC-RDA record conversion, ILS database migration, retrospective conversion, and digitization.  See for additional information.  Please contact Beth Ann Goodwill at BSLW for more details/price quotes. No closing date for this offer at this time.
  • Gale “Archives Unbound.” Content bundles include Southern Studies, African American Studies, Southern Political, Religious, History and Culture Studies. ASERL members receive 40% discount off list pricing.  See for additional information.  Please contact your Gale/Cengage representative for questions/purchasing.  Available through June 30, 2018
  • Independent Scholarly Publishing Group. Under development.

Have ideas for additional group purchase offers you’d like ASERL to consider?  Please contact John Burger at