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ASERL grows its Oral History collection. 2022-04-26

Read our April 2022 newsletter: 2022-04-20

ASERL publishes “ASERL Eleven” licensing principles & sample contract language.  2022-02-15.  News Release   |   PDF version   |   Google Doc (cut/paste) format

See ASERL’s December 2021 Newsletter. 2020-12-20

ASERL admits University of Arkansas as newest member.  2021-12-16

ASERL publishes its 2021 Annual Report. Read the news release. 2021-10-08

ASERL, TRLN & GWLA submit comments to US Copyright Office on the CASE Act. 2021-10-04

See our Summer 2021 newsletter:

See ASERL’s April 2021 newsletter:

ASERL celebrates successful partnership with Adam Matthew Digital.  2021-04-08

ASERL publishes “Future Thinking” Resource Guide to Controlled Digital Lending.   2021-02-24

New Video Highlighting Value of Shared Print Library Collections: Read the full announcement.  |  2020-06-26

ASERL launches “ASERL Ahead: Strategic Directions 2020-2023”
News Announcement  |  ASERL Ahead document  |  2020-06-18

ASERL statement supporting open science and transparency in scholarly communications, publisher agreements  |  2019-11-13

ASERL launches shared exhibit to recognize 400th anniversary of the arrival of first enslaved persons in English colonies  News Announcement  | Online Exhibit  | 2019-11-04

ASERL selects Elaina Norlin to lead Professional Development programming  |  2019-10-28  |  Photo

ASERL’s 2019 Annual Report is now available  |  2019-10-25

ASERL and BTAA launch Library Accessibility Partnership. See the announcement  |  2019-08-01

ASERL and WRLC have joined our BTAA colleagues by endorsing several BTAA-authored statements in support of improved resource sharing among libraries.  Read the full announcement.  |  2019-06-18

ASERL’s 2018 Annual Report is now available.  |  2018-11-04

ASERL and WRLC form Working Group on Future of Resource Sharing Technologies — contact John Burger to volunteer. |  2018-07-20

ASERL supports inaugural Southeast Resource Sharing Conference  |  2018-06-20

ASERL adopts Principles for Mutual Aid  |  2018-06-01

ASERL adopts a Values Statement on Diversity and Inclusion  |  2018-06-01

ASERL adopts a Code of Conduct for all in-person and online events.  |  2018-03-22

ASERL hosts ACRL’s “Intersections of Information Literacy and Scholarly Communications” Road Show and ARL’s “Library Liaison Summit.”  See conference page.  |  2018-02-15

ASERL’s 2017 Annual Report is now available.  |  2017-11-30

ASERL’s 2016 Annual Report is now available.  |  2015-11-15

ASERL’s 2015 Annual Report is now available.   |   2015-11-20

ASERL’s first-ever  2014 Annual Report is now available. Please let us know your likes and dislikes.   |   2014-11-20

ASERL Awards Mini-Grant to Mississippi State University Libraries  |  2014-09-03

ASERL Letter to GPO
 re:  Draft “Government Publications Authorized for Discard by Regional Depositories”   |   2014-08-28

ASERL Mini-Grant Call for Applications:  Applying Fair Use Principles in Resource Sharing Applications   |   2014-04-14

ASERL & WRLC Form “Scholars Trust” Archive  | 2013-06-21

ASERL Launches Guide to Southern Barbecue  |  2013-05-01

ASERL Files Amicus Brief in Support of GSU  |  2013-04-25

ASERL & SURA Endorse Model Language for Data Management Policies  |  2013-02-06

ASERL & WRLC Expand Resource Sharing Partnership  |  2013-02-01

ASERL Receives Award for Innovation in Federal Documents | 2012-03-16

ASERL Signs Berlin Declaration for Open Access to Knowledge  |  2012-01-30

ASERL Endorses TRLN’s Intellectual Property Strategy for Mass Digitization  |  2012-01-20

ASERL and TRLN Create Archiving Partnership  |  2012-01-09

ASERL  Adds New Members:  Johns Hopkins University & University of Maryland  |  2011-11-01

ASERL Selects Paula Sullenger as Visiting Program Officer for Journal Retention  |  2011-10-01

ASERL Launches Collaborative Portal for Civil War Era Materials  |  2011-03-30