ASERL Spring 2012 Membership Meeting & Annual Meeting

ASERL Spring 2012 Membership Meeting & Annual Meeting
April 11 – 12, 2012
Charleston, South Carolina

ASERL 2012 Annual Meeting
•    Annual Financial Report – Larry Boyer, Secretary-Treasurer
•    Board Elections

2012 Spring Membership Meeting
Presentation/Discussion:  Digital Preservation Network (DPN) and APTrust –  Overview / Update / Options for ASERL Member Involvement – Karin Wittenborg & Martha Sites (University of Virginia)
Academic Preservation Trust – Introducing APTrust
DPN:  Digital Preservation Network

Presentation/Discussion:  National Digital Stewardship Alliance (NDSA) Overview / Update / Options for ASERL Member Involvement – Tyler Walters (Virginia Tech)
The National Digital Stewardship Alliance:  Community, Content, Commitment

Presentation/Discussion:  Libraries as Publishers: Current & Best Practices – Catherine Murray-Rust (Georgia Tech),  Rebecca Kennison (Columbia), Bill Garrison (U-South Florida).  See also: SPARC report
Libraries as Publishers:  Current and Best Practices
Journal Publishing at USF

Presentation / Discussion:  e-Textbook Initiatives from Apple and Others – Nan Seamans (Georgia State University), Francis Shepherd (Apple Inc.)  (See also:  Links below)

Update / Discussion / Vote on Proposed Changes:  ASERL Collaborative Federal Depository Program, Digitization Trust Fund – Judy Russell (University of Florida), John Burger (ASERL)
Revised Disposition Process for the ASERL Collaborative Federal Depository Program
Toward a Multi-Consortial Government Documents Digitization Trust

Update / Discussion:  ASERL-SURA Research Data Collaborations – Russell Moy (SURA)

Update:  ASERL Journal Retention Program – John Burger

Update:  ASERL Civil War Project – John Burger

Late Breaking News, Announcements, etc.

  • ASERL Endorsement of OCLC’s “Well-Intended Practice” Strategy for Mass Digitization?
  • Coming soon!  Next round of ASERL-HBCU Librarian Exchanges
  • Member Uses of Annual Statistics – How to Decide/Who to Include?



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