Introduction to Digital Preservation Webinars — Spring 2013

ASERL is pleased to again host a series of webinars to aid member librarians, staff, and others in learning the basic tenets of digital preservation.  The first series, offered in Spring 2012, continues to attract repeated viewers via ASERL’s Vimeo channel.  For 2013, we’ve re-focused the content based on user feedback and re-structured the series into four 60-minute webinars.  All sessions are free and open to anyone interested in learning more about this important topic.  ASERL thanks Jody DeRidder (University of Alabama Libraries) for her continued leadership in coordinating these webinars.


APRIL 2, 2013:  Intro to Digital Preservation #1
“Preservation Planning and Overview of PREMIS for Beginners”
Speaker = Lisa Gregory, North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources.

Speaker’s PPT  & handouts  |  Session Recording  |  Follow-up Questions

APRIL 9, 2013:  Intro to Digital Preservation #2
“Forbearing the Digital Dark Age: Capturing Metadata for Digital Objects”
Speaker = Chris Dietrich, National Park Service.
Session Recording  |  Speaker’s PPT  |   Follow-Up Questions

APRIL 16, 2013:  Intro to Digital Preservation #3
“Management of Incoming Born-Digital Special Collections”
Speaker = Gretchen Gueguen, University of Virginia.
Session Recording  |  Speaker’s PPT  Follow-Up Questions

APRIL 30, 2013:  Intro to Digital Preservation #4
“Using FITS to Identify File Formats and Extract Metadata”
Speaker = Andrea Goethals, Harvard University.
After an introduction to file formats and technical metadata, a demo of the File Information Tool Set (FITS) will be given. You will learn what it does, how it differs from other format tools, how to use it, how to customize it and how Harvard is using FITS in different ways. No experience with FITS is necessary but if you would like to try it out in advance you can download it from
Session Recording  |  Speaker’s PPT  |  XML handout  |  Follow-Up Questions