“Deeply Rooted” Shared Digital Collection

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ASERL and the Digital Public Library of America have partnered to develop “Deeply Rooted,” a shared digital collection of primary source research materials describing economic, technological, and social factors significant to the development of agricultural practices, crops, technology, and agrarian life in the southeastern United States.  This is ASERL’s second shared digital collect; our first such effort is the “Civil War and the American South” collection, hosted for ASERL by the Digital Library of Georgia.

Deeply Rooted builds upon the work Mississippi State University Libraries began with their Consortium for the History of Agricultural and Rural Mississippi (CHARM).  Many of the items in Deeply Rooted are available online for the first time outside their original archives.  ASERL seeks to build this collection over time, using DPLA as our primary discovery platform.  We welcome contributions of content from other sources.

How ASERL Members Can Participate in this Project

We welcome your contributions to this shared collection:

  1. Content is to be selected by each institution, digitized via locally-determined methods, and housed on your local servers.  Any rights management issues are the responsibility of the contributing library. Use of the RightsStatements.org schema is encouraged — see http://rightsstatements.org/en/.  We will harvest your metadata for delivery to DPLA when you are ready.
  2. Please be sure to follow the Deeply Rooted metadata guidelines (http://lib.msstate.edu/deeplyrooted/index2.php#specs), making especially sure to add the required dc.relation field.
  3. We have conferred with each DPLA Service Hub in the region; they are aware of this project and your incoming contributions. When your collections are ready, there are two ways you can submit them to Deeply Rooted:
    1. If your state has a DPLA Service Hub in operation, please submit your collection for OAI harvesting directly to your hub. Please also submit basic information about your content to us at http://lib.msstate.edu/deeplyrooted#contribute.
    2. If your state does not have a DPLA service hub that is accepting new contributions at this time, MSU Libraries can harvest your metadata for submission to DPLA. Please submit basic information about your content at http://lib.msstate.edu/deeplyrooted#contribute and MSU will follow-up as needed.

Please contact John Burger (jburger@aserl.org) or Julie Shedd (jshedd@library.msstate.edu).