ASERL-CRL Collection Analysis Pilot

ASERL has been working since January 2018 with the Center for Research Libraries and six ASERL-CRL members on a test of Collection Analysis processes to aid in the development of our print journal retention program.

ASERL/CRL Member Libraries Participating in the Pilot:

  1. Emory University
  2. University of Alabama
  3. University of Florida
  4. University of South Carolina
  5. University of Tennessee-Knoxville
  6. Virginia Tech


These are fairly large excel files and may take time to load.

Checks Report:  An analysis of each libraries’ submitted records, and a data integrity check against OCLC Worldcat.  Records are identified for inclusion/exclusion from further analysis and includes an indicator for that decision.

Cross Comparison (overlap) Report:  Title lists sorted by the number of holding libraries from 1-n.

Allocation Report:
All records are analyzed for completeness – to determine if the library holds all volumes of a title from the start of the run through the last volume published.

Each library receives a list of titles for which they are one of top three libraries with the most complete run of the title.  Based on the completeness of their holdings, the Allocation Report nominates these three candidates to retain the title(s) for Scholars Trust.
These are considered nominations only, and are not a retention commitment for the title.

Data Visualizations:
Courtesy of Louis Becker at the University of Tennessee – Knoxville, using Power BI – a  business analytics service by Microsoft that provides interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities.

Two options are available for use of this data.

  1. View only access.  Data can only be viewed, not downloaded.
  2. Local access.
    To manipulate the reports and to download the data behind the graphs requires both the Power Bi report file and a version of the Power BI software.
  • A free desktop version of the software is available for download at Power BI Desktop
  • The file (.pbix format) is available for download at:  Power BI file



Results of ASERL-CRL Collections Analysis Pilot for Journal Retention
March 21, 2019
Session Recording   |   Speaker’s PPT

ASERL/CRL Collection Analysis Follow-up
April 10, 2019
Session Recording | Speakers’ PPT