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Scholars Trust Town Hall e-Meeting

September 21, 2022 EDT

      Scholars Trust Town Hall e-meetings provide a forum to share progress on current initiatives and elicit further feedback from participating libraries.

Leading Together: Academic Library Consortia and Advocacy

September 20, 2022 EDT

There is strength in a consortium voice and through the agency of the consortium the opportunity to lead together under a unified plan. This presentation reviews the landscape of effective […]

Racial Equity in Libraries: Hiring, Retention, and Promotion of BIPOC Employees

September 19, 2022 EDT

In this session, Kristyn Caragher and Tatiana Bryant will highlight select results of their national survey and provide implications for libraries to consider in their racial equity work regarding the […]

ASERL Community Call: National Perspectives on the State of Transformative OA Agreements

September 15, 2022 - September 26, 2022 EDT

ASERL Community Call:  National Perspectives on the State of Transformative / OA Agreements Presenters:  Mat Wilmott (Assistant Director for Open Access Agreements, University of California System) and Allison Langham-Putrow (University of Minnesota / head […]

METRO’s Equity Mentorship Program from a DEI Lens (Lunch and Learn)

September 15, 2022 EDT

METRO’s Equity Mentorship Program is meant to support BIPOC students and early professionals in the library and archives field. Our intention is to create a curriculum that will aid BIPOC […]

Library Accessibility Alliance webinar: Accessibility Committees: Cultivating Cultures of Accessibility

September 7, 2022 EDT

This webinar will provide real-world case studies of the formation and impact of accessibility committees at two different university libraries. Presenters from the University of Minnesota and the University of […]


ASERL Copyright Office Hour — August 2022

August 26, 2022 EDT

Bring your copyright puzzlers!  Questions can be submitted anonymously in advance if desired:

Cultivating Civility and Resilience in Libraries: Challenges and Solutions

August 16, 2022 EDT

Would you like to be part of the solution to creating a functional library work environment with workplace communications that are complete and clear? During this webinar, the participants will […]

Through the Records: The Work of the Center for the Study of Slavery in Charleston (CSSC) at the College of Charleston

August 11, 2022 EDT

Like so many other colleges and universities, the College of Charleston has worked to reexamine its role in American history and the role that diverse communities have played in that […]


    Building the Innovation Lab: A Technology Playground

    August 9, 2022 EDT

    Learn about the development of the Innovation Lab (iLab), an exciting and expanding community hub that demonstrates what is possible with emerging technologies. On a shoestring budget, the iLab has […]

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