Member Statistics

NEWS!  ASERL’s 2017 Statistical Survey is now live.  Please submit data by January 15, 2018 via our Statistics Portal.  (NB:  ARL members of ASERL do not need to provide these data to us — we will get a copy of your library’s data from ARL.)

Using LibPAS for ASERL Statistics — Data Submission & Advanced Reporting Tools
ASERL members agree to use LibPAS/ACRLMetrics software from Counting Opinions as a means of gathering our members’ annual statistical data.
NOTE:  ASERL libraries that also belong to the Association of Research Libraries do NOT need to submit their data to ASERL using this tool.  ASERL receives those data from ARL.

ASERL Statistical Data Backfiles

STATISTICS ARCHIVE. Available in PDF format only.  Some files are missing below.  Contributions of additional digitized backfiles are welcome.  Please contact John Burger for more information.