ASERL’S New Scholarly Communications Interest Group Blog!

Welcome to the ASERL Scholarly Communications Interest Group Blog!

Created by the ASERL Scholarly Communications Interest Group (SCIG), this new blog initiative offers ASERL members the opportunity to share exciting ideas and timely information about all things scholarly communication. The blog serves as an information conduit as well as a space for sharing feedback on the outcomes of our respective institutional initiatives. We hope that the blog will serve as a virtual support system for our members, highlighting what does and doesn’t work in a safe and helpful space.

So how does this whole “blog thing” work?

To get the ball rolling and ensure we have a diversity of content, the SCIG Co-chairs–Melanie Kowalski (Emory) and Molly Keener (Wake Forest)–and the ASERL Executive Director, John Burger, have recruited a team of regular contributors from ASERL institutions. Collectively, the team has 30-plus years of expertise in scholarly communications that they are excited to share with their ASERL colleagues. The team will bring you posts about ASERL initiatives, including upcoming webinars and events, as well as other relevant topics, events, and undertakings. You’ll meet the team as they begin blogging, so stayed tuned!

In addition to our wonderful team of contributors, the SCIG Co-Chairs hope to hear from you! We welcome guest contributions from members of the ASERL communities. For more information on getting involved, please email the blogging team at

We need YOU to tell us what you want.

This blog has been created by your colleagues just for you. So tell us what you want to hear! Are there particular topics you’re interested in? Are you considering a new initiative but would like to know what others have tried? Do you have ideas of improvement in the blog that you’d like to share? Send all your great ideas for topics and feedback to